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It's fast approaching the end of term for our finals and BBQ night for the current competitions. Name sheets for our next comp will be displayed in the clubhouse, please make sure you have your name down before the end of the current competition.

If you would like to receive a reminder to put your name down to play or reserve in the upcoming comps, please ensure that we have your current Email address and we'll look after the rest.

Council has recently repaired most of the damage to our boundary fences caused by their mowing contractors. The damage occasioned over many years. In the past, if council mowers grabbed the bottom of the fence and pulled it off the base poles and it could be repaired easily then the club would do their best to repair it at our cost.

We recently had an unexpected visitor to the club. Seemed keen, but not sure he was keen on the tennis , more like the bins and the easy meal.

The South Camden Tennis Club has entered a 21 year contract with Camden Council, for the management rights to the tennis complex. Some 2 years ago the Club had to apply through Council to keep the management rights of our tennis complex and were successful. 


Club Competitions, Monday to Thursday each week. Like to join us, find out how.

Join our growing number of members, start playing in our organised competitions today.

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Professional Tennis Coaching for all ages and all standards.
Mob: 0413 805 235

Professional Tennis Coaching for all ages and all standards. 
Mob: 0417 237 407