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Tennis Australia's 'Extreme Weather Policy' relates to competitions, Member Associations, Affiliated organisations and Affiliated Clubs of which we are one.

This policy is designed to protect competitive tennis players from injury and illness that may result from playing tennis in extreme weather conditions. The policy recognizes that all players can be at risk although children can be at greater risk in some instances especially heat stress.

In general terms Tennis Australia controlled venues have a rule, that if the temperature reaches 36 degrees Celsius, no player, students or coaches are allowed on the courts. In many instances local clubs have their own local rules, however, as an affiliated Club we will adopt a similar stance to Tennis Australia and invoke the same rule, 'No one is allowed on the courts once the temperature reaches 36 degrees Celsius.

The following is an extract from the extreme weather policy and one that South Camden Tennis Club (as an affiliate club) endorses and abides by.

You can read the entire 'Extreme Weather Policy' document by clicking on this link...


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