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This Spring competition will be conducted each Thursday night of the NSW state school term 4, 2017. The team with the highest point score at the end of the 9 weeks will be declared the winner and the committee's decision is final. Starting on Thursday the 20th July 2017 and finishing with a BBQ on the final night, Thursday the 21st September 2017.

Teams for this competition are set out below and players should be reminded that to play in any club organised event you must be a financial member of the 'South Camden Tennis Club Inc' and have current registration/affiliation with Tennis NSW. If you are unsure of your status for one or both the above, please speak to your Divisional Manager or our Treasurer  for clarification. Each player in the team will play 3 sets, indicated on the score sheets provided. The set format will be first to 6 games (long deuce), with a tie break at 5 games all, if needed.


To see or gain access to player contact numbers you have to log-in with your username and password, then the details will appear in the column to the right.

Reserves for this competition
You can try the Bye team and/or the players listed below:-


The Draw for this competition is displayed below. A reminder, that the teams having a Bye on any given week, should make themselves available to the Divisional Manager to replace those players that may be sick or have other pressing engagements.


Div 1 Mxd Competition previous winners

Winter 2016 Winners: Geoff, Justin, Brian and Declan


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Professional Tennis Coaching for all ages and all standards. 
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